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Custom Imprinted Caps

What's one thing your chain competitors all have in common? Custom imprinted caps. Long a staple in the chain market, where name recognition has always had a premium, imprints traditionally were restricted or too impractical for individual independent stores due to competitors policies.

But not with TSD. Unlike others, we offer custom imprints at no charge to ANY customer that orders 10 cases of caps, mix and match, ANY time, ALL the time. You don't have to wait for "deal" periods, and most orders are shipped within 2 to 4 weeks after design and artwork approval. Furthermore, we will help you design your imprint at no cost to you, the printing plates are FREE, and unless you decide to change your imprint later, you never pay anything for custom imprinting.

Remember, all you have to stock are caps. You order your vials as needed, so you don't have to turn your stockroom or garage into a vial warehouse. There are literally thousands of colors, fonts, and graphics options you can include in your imprints - not to mention your own store logos and colors.

Don't let this opportunity to add to the design and advertising power of your vials and caps. If anything, custom imprints are more important for independents as it gives you the same image as your chain competitors and keeps your name prominently featured on the cap. To take advantage of this FREE service, call your TSD sales representative, customer service or CLICK HERE to fill out our online imprint request form today and inquire about how you can make this service work for you.

To view some imprints we have done in the past click here