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Award Winning Printers

Printing pharmacy labels is a demanding task for any laser printer. That's why TSD is proud to be an authorized dealer for Kyocera®, a world wide manufacturer of a wide range of consumer and business electronic products. Kyocera®'s printers are different than others in that the key components in the toner transfer process - the photoconductor (drum) and the developer section - are in the printer, not the cartridge. This means you don't have to pay for drums and developer rollers every time you buy cartridges. The result is a much lower cost per page to print, with the savings flowing to your bottom line, not the cartridge vendor. Another advantage of the Kyocera® cartridge design is that the cartridge is sealed until it's inserted into the printer, eliminating the constant toner leakage problem so prevalent with other competitive brands.

Kyocera®'s warranty is unsurpassed in the printer industry offering a bumper-to-bumper 3 years or 500,000 prints on black and white printers. If you're looking for the most reliable printers on the market, look no further.

But Kyocera®'s printer advantages don't stop with a dramatically lower cost to own and operate. Their footprint is smaller, meaning that the big, bulky printer that hogs your counter or has to sit under it is no longer needed. Now you can use a smaller printer that will sit up top without eating up your valuable counter space. Additional paper trays can also be added, which only add a few inches to the overall height of the printer.

And if speed is important, how does 52 pages per minute sound? That type of speed used to be the province of expensive office copiers, but now it is yours in a small, powerful laser printer. And with true 1200x1200 DPI resolution, you can reproduce any size or style of font with crisp accuracy, and graphics are a breeze.

What also sets these printers apart is their built in duplexing. This allows you to print on the backside of each form if you desire.

If you want a more reliable, powerful, and productive printer that can save you money contact your TSD sales representative for information about current models.

Kyocera® is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation.