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Pro One™ Series

The most widely copied reversible cap vial in the world.

First introduced in 2001, our patented Pro One™ line of reversible closures and accompanying vials have been the most widely copied reversible vial in the world. But why choose a cheap imitation that doesn't work as well when you can have the original instead? The Pro One™ system incorporate all of the advantages our customers have come to expect from TSD's innovative products. Our unique design incorporates a one piece, dual purpose reversible cap that uses the industry's tested, proven "push down and turn" mechanism for the child resistant mode. To convert the package to an easy open, non-child resistant operation, just turn the cap over and screw the cap back onto the mouth of the vial. Unlike cheap imitations, the Pro One™'s cap screws to the OUTSIDE of the mouth of the vial – all others screw to the inside of the mouth. Why is that important? Caps that screw to threads on the outside of the vial are very secure, and won't accidentally come off the vial in purses or pockets, or when accidentally dropped. If you've dispensed meds in vials with non-child resistant snap caps or with caps that screw to the inside of the vial, you've had unhappy customers complain about ruining expensive meds when they spill out after the cap pops off…and you've likely had to replace those meds at your cost. Not with the Pro One™: if customers choose to apply the cap in the non-c/r configuration, that cap will not accidentally come off in a purse, pocket or when dropped, a huge advantage for you.

Here are the advantages you'll enjoy with this system:

•Eliminate separate non-child resistant caps •Reduce and/or eliminate carpal tunnel problems with your staff as the cap can be used in the non-c/r mode behind the counter •Increase customer satisfaction as you let your customers decide how they want to store and use their medications •Safer than older, two cap systems as customers can change cap to child-resistant if situations warrant •Caps screw to the outside mouth of the vial in the non-c/r mode - won't come off accidentally in purses, pockets or when dropped •Approved for us in automated dispensing systems made by Rx Medic®, ScriptPro®, Kirby Lester™, and Innovation™ •Caps can be custom imprinted at no additional charge (order minimums may apply) •Vials have less taper, aiding in label placement and appearance •Threaded non-c/r mechanism keeps cap in place in pockets and purses - unlike snap caps •Costs less than traditional, two cap systems •Can be combined with the purchase of high quality pharmacy labels to qualify for huge discounts on OEM Kyocera laser toner, with giant per print savings!

All in all, the Pro One™ series gives you and your customers packaging that is convenient, versatile, safe, user friendly, and meets all CPSC and USP performance requirements. Don't settle for less, either in quality or features and benefits. Go with the Pro One™ - number 1 in quality, performance, and savings!