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Pro Plus® Series - It's a SNAP!™

The PRO PLUS® line of RX containers and closures feature the unique cap appearance customers have looked for since 1999. The caps are instantly recognizable and are preferred overwhelmingly by pharmacy staff and patients, particularly seniors.

There is no other like it on the market. Not only has the PRO PLUS® line been recognized for its convenience, safety, and versatility. Years of customer satisfaction have established our recognized cap as the go-to cap to make conversion between child resistant and non-child resistant a SNAP™

See for yourself!

Our caps are not only attractive, they are so easy to use. Simply place the cap on a flat surface, and press the center of the cap until you hear and feel the SNAP™. The SNAP™ tells you that the cap has been converted from a child resistant closure to an easy open, non-child resistant cap. It's that easy!

The PRO PLUS® line also incorporates the use of blow molded vials, not injection molded vials like those found with other products. Blow molding - especially our industry exclusive ISBM (injection stretch blow molding) process - allows us to make the vials lighter, clearer and stronger. Plus, the containers have no taper at all, making label application easy.

Finally, we are the only manuacturer to make clear amber vials in sizes larger than 60 dram. In the PRO PLUS® series, you can order vials in 75, 90, 120 or even 150 drams. Now you don't have to use multiple vials and labels for the same prescription and risk confusing the patient.

The PRO PLUS® line is available in amber orange, emerald green and cobalt blue colors, and custom imprinting is available on the closures. Minimum orders for free custom imprinting may apply, so check with your TSD sales representative or customer service if you are interested in customizing your closures. All products meet USP and CPSC requirements for prescription packaging products.

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