Do your labels need to become USP compliant FAST? Or are you tired of poorly laid out labels with print that's too small for your customers to read? Go from ugly to gorgeous (and fully USP compliant) quickly without any changes to your pharmacy software. Click here to find out more about TSD's exclusive BlackBox™ label formatting software solution, available only to TSD customers.

Marketing and Business Building Tools

Does your vial or label supplier do anything at all to help you GROW?

If not, change to a company that goes far beyond selling you packaging products.

Only Tri State Distribution delivers real value with new, affordable marketing solutions to help you build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and your top line.

Rxhibition™ Signs

Who says getting your message out to the customers visiting your store has to be expensive, time consuming or difficult? Maintaining the tradition of excellence and superior value in our products and services, TSD is proud to introduce our new Rxhibition™ sign program, featuring low cost, high quality dry erase signs that have customized borders and graphics, including your store name and logo or other personalized information. They come in various sizes and shapes, on either durable coroplas or flexible card stock and are created in 4 color process digital printing. These dry erase signs may be inexpensive, but they are colorful and customized, and the messages on them can change as often as the you desire, making them perfect to advertise weekly specials, discounts, offers and more. They can be tacked up on walls, taped up on windows, put on stands (TSD offers a single post stand the coro signs can go on so they can sit right on a counter), or hung up on end caps. With proper use and care, Rxhibition™ signs are designed to be used over and over again for years. TSD has tailored several low cost collections of commonly used Rxhibition™ signs for a variety of pharmacy needs, all of which include all custom graphics work and printing. All you need to do to profit from them is to tell us how to customize them, and then put them in your store in places your customers will see. Fast, simple, and effective.

Message MAT™ Program

If you are looking to promote a national brand, a unique service, or to convey a community oriented message, the TSD Message MAT™ is an affordable complement to your marketing and advertising materials; and it is specifically tailored to your store and brand.

The Message MAT™ is a custom designed 15' x 10' 4-color process digitally printed, attention- grabbing information panel that you affix right to a counter. The durable laminated vinyl decal is affixed with a removable adhesive that won't harm surfaces or leave a residue when removed. Under normal use, it is designed to provide years of service. Best of all, your message is DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF your customers while they are at the counter, making this one message that's virtually impossible to miss!

When used with TSD's Pillboard™ patented lines of TriMaxx® and ProTect® vials and closures, the Message MAT™ and Rxhibition™ dry erase signs allow you the opportunity to reach your customers both inside and outside of your store. You are able to employ the same high quality marketing and advertising promotional materials as your competition, at a fraction of the price.

To learn more about the Message MATS™, Rxhibition™ signs, and any of our products and services, contact your TSD Sales Representative or Mr. Ken Penland, Marketing Coordinator at 800-392-9824 ext. 6189.

American owned and based Tri State Distribution is THE leader in the prescription packaging industry. When it comes to innovation, quality, and affordability, we let our products – and our customers - speak for themselves. Check out some of the many testimonials about from pharmacies that actually use these products. In addition to vials, closures and labels, TSD is one of the largest distributors of Kyocera printers and OEM toner cartridges in the US, providing unmatched service and support for these products, as well offering unique and custom marketing tools such as those above.

Testimonials from pharmacies using TSD's marketing products

"We use Tri State for everything from store supplies to our marketing needs. Our customers love our unique vial lid colors and we love the quality and price. We have also gained many new customers thru the brochures and marketing materials that Tri State has professionally designed and printed for us. Their customer service team is always friendly, prompt, and available when we have a question. I would highly recommend using Tri State for your pharmacy needs."
Ellen Barger – B&B Pharmacy

"The signs have been a huge hit! We not only have people buying them for their home yards but businesses coming in buying 3-7 of them to put out in front of the businesses. I love driving through our town and seeing them out by the road! We have 39 signs left to sell. I am posting about them today! We have our first ballgame this week so I am going to remind everyone to come in and get your "We Love Our Aggies" sign to show support for our team! We’ve had a lot of people say this was such a great idea! This promotion has brought people in our doors that have never been inside our store before!"
Jill Sandlin - Fred's Pharmacy

"The TriMaxx® costs less than the flimsy Chinese vials we used to use, plus we have the added benefit of the 3rd panels, banners and signage that we use to communicate with our customers. Since we've switched over I have seen the banners and signs work for us."
Mark Fowler - Andy's Pharmacy

"Tri State worked with us to design our new lids. We wanted to incorporate the Ohio University bobcat logo into our DrugStore logo and the result exceeded our expectations. There were so many great options for lid colors and the metallic green has garnered numerous compliments. Our prescription bottles stand out now and will catch the attention of anyone that sees them, which is exactly what we were going for! We are looking forward to receiving our marketing materials. We anticipate the same quality, eye catching colors and graphics will make sure everyone knows who we are and what we offer!"
Susan Fields - The Drug Store at Ohio University